Halloween is more than just costumes and candy; it’s a time for communities to come together and share the joy of the season. One fun tradition that our team loves is “Booing” – a fun and sneaky way to surprise your neighbors with a treat and spread some spooky cheer. If you’ve never heard of it, don’t worry; we’ve got all the details on how to get started and make this Halloween extra special for your neighborhood.

What is Booing?

Booing is a fun Halloween tradition! Secretly deliver a treat or surprise to aneighbor’s doorstep, along with our free printable. Once “Booed,” the recipient is encouraged to pay it forward by Booing someone else in the neighborhood. The fun part? You’re not allowed toreveal your identity until Halloween night!

How to Boo Your Neighbors:

    1. Choose Your Boo: Think about neighbors who could use a little extra Halloween spirit. It could be a family with kids, a neighbor who loves Halloween decorations, or someone who could usea smile. The goal is to spread joy throughout the neighborhood.

    1. Assemble Your Boo Basket: Put together a cute Halloween basket / bag with your treats/ surprise and our FREE BOO SIGN. Get creative with your presentation; the more festive, the better! Remember, part of the fun is the mystery.

    1. Deliver Under the Cover of Darkness: The trick to Booing is the element of surprise. Wait until it’s dark, dress in your best spooky costume if you like, and quietly leave the basket on your neighbor’s doorstep.

    1. Hang your sign: Put the “We’ve Been Booed” sign in your window, signaling to others that they’ve already been visited by the Halloween spirit.

The Joy of Being Booed:

Being Booed isn’t just about the treats; it’s about the warm feeling of being part of a community that cares. When your neighbors put the “I’ve Been Booed” sign in their window, it creates a chain reaction of positivity, turning the entire neighborhood into a festive and connected Halloween village.

Grab your treats and let the Boo-ing begin!  

Download here
Happy Booing! 


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