Laser Snoring Treatment in West Jordan

For many people, snoring is more than a simple nighttime annoyance. It can be a sign of a larger underlying sleep disorder that negatively affects your overall health and wellness. To provide rapid relief from snoring and help you (and your partners) get the sleep you need to function, our dentist in West Jordan, Utah can offer QuietNite laser therapy. Using the DEKA CO₂ to tighten the soft palate, tonsils and tongue and reduce vibrations that cause snoring, we can help you achieve better sleep with one painless procedure.


There are many treatments available to treat snoring, however, these tend to require a patient wear an oral appliance or other inconvenient headwear as they sleep. Laser snoring treatment can alleviate a person’s snoring symptoms in as little as ten minutes without requiring additional at-home care. Other benefits of laser treatment include:

  • A simple and quick in-office procedure
  • Immediate results with little to no downtime
  • A gentle, precise and painless experience

There are a number of different factors that go into whether a person snores. Laser snoring treatment tightens the soft palate and surrounding structures, but it is natural for collagen to relax over time, and our dentist may recommend you visit our office once a year to make sure the treatment is still serving you. Because of how quick and easy the procedure is, you could even have it done during your regular cleanings and hygiene visits.

To learn more about laser snoring treatment and how our team can use it to transform your sleep routine, call 801-566-1031 or visit Apple Blossom Dental today and schedule your consultation with Dr. Eric Whiting. We look forward to helping you sleep well!


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