Denture Stabilization in West Jordan

If you are looking for a more permanent solution than traditional dentures, our dentist may recommend denture stabilization using mini dental implants. This treatment anchors your denture to strategically placed implants to give you a stable foundation for your smile and improve your overall oral health and function. We invite you to contact Apple Blossom Dental at 801-566-1031 to learn more about denture stabilization in West Jordan, Utah, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Eric Whiting.

Implant-supported dentures are designed as stable-long-lasting solutions for multiple missing teeth. They are similar in form to traditional dentures, but they are stabilized with dental implants to prevent the appliance from coming loose and “floating” around the mouth. When you receive an implant-supported denture, the first step in your treatment will be to stabilize the denture using mini dental implants.

Mini dental implants are exactly what they sound like — a dental implant that is smaller than a standard implant. There are many benefits to using a mini dental implant in your treatment, including:

  • They are a less invasive alternative to standard dental implants.
  • They offer a more comfortable treatment and shorter healing period.
  • They are often more affordable than standard implants.
  • In some cases, mini dental implants can be placed and the dentures attached in the same day, giving you a faster tooth replacement process.
  • They have the ability to enhance the comfort of your smile so that you can chew and speak without worrying that your dentures will slip.
  • Like regular implants, mini dental implants work to prevent bone loss and maintain your facial shape and volume.

After your implants have been placed and you have recovered from your implant placement procedure, our dentist will attach your denture to the implants to complete your treatment. Your final result should feel and function like your natural teeth as well as restore your smile.

For more information about mini dental implants and denture stabilization, or to schedule a consultation with our dentist, call us today and speak with a member of our team.


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